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Athletic V Warstone


Well where do I start? The lads turned up with a spot on attitude and they warmed up as good as ever. But when the game started we soon realised why Warstone are top of the first division. The lads started the game superbly playing uphill and played some really good football and played to a high tempo. The lads kept breaking through the line of defence but were being given offside by their 'linesman' 9/10 times. Eventually after some really good work we again undone the Warstone defence and this time the linesman couldn't even try and put his flag up and Josh Heath done some good work in the box before being brought down by their keeper. Up stepped Joe Hunt who put the penalty away as coolly as possible. The lads sat back a little after the goal and unfortunately after an inswinging corner conceded a quite sloppy goal on our half. Then the game went out of control.

Just before the break Joe Hunt made a superb challenge in our box but was then kicked by the opposition player and left with a mark all down his leg as was Grant by the same player. So the lads came into half time level at 1-1, a good reflection of the scoreline for that first half. The lads were all wound up at the break and had to be just reminded that if they played their football they would win the game.

Second half, and I think it was one of the best displays I have seen from these lads all season. The football was tremendous but once again as we were beating the last man it was no surprise to see the flag being raised. But the lads kept plugging away, playing their football. Not getting involved with their 'tactics' or 'style of play' was by far for me, as coach, the most satisfying thing from the lads. Then after a challenge on one of our players the opposition player came over to one of our parents and the language used to her was disgraceful and disgusting. But again the lads kept going even though they were being kicked all over the park as Warstone wasn't playing any football at all and couldn't keep up with the tempo of the lads football.

Then totally against the run of play they scored off a break away, with a good finish from their forward. The lads kept going and then came the break we had waited for. Josh Heath received a through ball which came from one of their players inadvertently and he finished it with a magnificent shot. The lads went back to the centre circle after the ref had given the goal even though he had seen the linesman with his flag up once again but still gave the goal. Then while the lads were waiting and ready to go the linesman called the referee over and the goal was disallowed for some reason, if anyone who was there knows please tell me as I would like to know. During the game the opposition went down to 10 men after, no surprise, foul and abusive language towards our linesman AND the referee. Once down to ten men, what I expected to happen, happened. Kicked all over the park, stamped on, swore at, pushed around! Anything you can think of happened. The referee who had lets say a 'interesting' game offered to abandon the game, which league officials need to be made aware of as if the referee has offered to abandon the game surely he's lost control? Which believe me he had from the first minute.

Overall I was so proud of the lads in every single way in their football, tempo of their play and most importantly not resorting to their style of play. For me this was one of the best displays I've seen off the lads and now we get ready for Sunday and try and retain our 100% league record.

P.S Anyone of our Bustleholme sides that come against these ensure your players just keep their head and don't resort to their way of playing the game.